This story is written by Southern Baptist international workers with ties to Smoky Hill Baptist Association in Kansas. Their names and place of service are not being used due to security reasons.

The year 2020 began with a baptism – the baptism of the third believer in the same village. For many years the village had only one believer. She faithfully loved the Lord and courageously shared her testimony.

Then two years ago a woman believed her message. She began to grow in the Lord, and then her husband also believed and was baptized. The three of them began to meet every Sunday for prayer, Bible study and worship. As they understood God’s plan for church, they agreed to follow that plan and be the church together. In March they dedicated their new church — the very first church in their village!

Over the years many Kansas college students have visited this village sharing the Good News working with the believers. And this year they took a virtual trip praying for them.

Pray for this very first church in this village. Ask God to strengthen them and that they will grow.

Thank God for the many Kansas college students who have come and shared the Good News with the people we work with.

Your prayers and gifts to the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® sustain us as we serve overseas.