By Mari Parker

As have you and your churches and businesses, Webster has been hit in the midst of this pandemic. Not with employees testing positive to COVID-19, but with reservations being cancelled resulting in loss of income.

It’s been a challenge our employees were up for! A spending freeze was put in place. Everything that could be turned off was, and our utility bills have been very low.

Back rooms and closets were emptied and items put up for sale in order to purchase flowers and plants to fill pots and gardens so the campus is ready for reservations that have not cancelled.

Supplies of various kinds have been used or repurposed to complete projects that were on a punch list. The facilities are cleaner than they’ve probably ever been! Fresh paint has spruced up walls. A new sound/tech booth was donated and installed. The snack shack has undergone an amazing upgrade and looks fun and fresh! All of this with spending very little money!

I’m proud of our employees! They didn’t grumble about doing tasks that aren’t normally on their To Do lists. They just pitched in and did what was needed.

We are so grateful that we were able to get some PPP funds to help with payroll and utilities. And some churches have graciously redirected their gifts to Webster from the capital Improvements line item to our general fund.

God is good! Yes, we will show a large financial loss for 2020, but we will be able to keep all employees. Webster will continue to provide a place where people of all ages can be refreshed and equipped and encounter Christ!

So, the next time you see or speak to a Webster employee, say a big thank you! Thank you to Terry, Todd W., Veronica, Sarah, Joel, Cheryl, Bill, Todd B. and Ron!

By the way, we have openings available for this summer. So if you want to do a weekend retreat, a birthday party, a family reunion, or come walk in the woods or play in the lake, give Sarah a call at (785) 827-6565. Restrictions from KDHE and Saline County still apply, and Sarah can give you the details.