The 2019 summer camping season is quickly approaching, and Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan., will need additional part-time help. Position openings are:

KITCHEN STAFF: Part-time staff will be needed Monday through Friday. Morning, mid and late shifts are available. Must be at least 14 years old. If you are interested in joining our kitchen staff, please contact our Food Service Coordinator Todd Bradrick at (785) 488-8336.

HOUSEKEEPING STAFF: We will need housekeeping staff to help clean after camp each week and after weekend bookings. The work is primarily Fridays (about six hours) and Monday mornings (about 3 hours). We will need help mid-May through early August. Please contact WCC Housekeeping Coordinator Todd Weatherd at (785) 827-6565 if you are interested in housekeeping.

LIFEGUARD: We will need a pool lifeguard starting late May through early August. Guard will be needed Monday through Thursday afternoons with occasional weekends. WCC will pay for lifeguard certification classes. If you are interested or have questions about being a WCC lifeguard, please contact Bill Cooke at (785) 827-6565.