Despite the coronavirus crisis, Christian Challenge at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, finished the spring 2020 semester strong with “an incredible group of seniors,” reports Ryan Stelk, director.

“We already grieve their departures from here, but we rejoice that several have found jobs and many others are interviewing.

“We have set our alarms for 10:02 every morning to remind us to pray for laborers that the Scriptures talk about in Luke 10:2. We believe God is still interested in lost people coming to know Him here at KU.

“We are excited about our summer groups this year. We invited our Challenge students to pick a small group (on Zoom) to be a part of and jump in. Each of our staff members has chosen a topic they believe would be helpful for the spiritual health and growth of the students involved with Challenge. We even had a student join who will be coming as a freshman in the fall!

“In addition to the small groups, summer is a time for us to catch up on new reading, contemplate teachings from the Word, settle on a message series for the upcoming semester, and plan for fall recruitment.”