By Carin Cochran

Looking back, January 2021 seems like it was ages ago and yet our semester has seemed so short. Our ministry looks a bit different than it did in January, for the better! When we started this semester, as always, we didn’t know what to expect.

We desired to be able to host our Large Group without any major restrictions but were unsure as to whether that was a realistic or safe expectation. However, through much prayer as to discerning whether our Tuesday Nights were the right choice, we were given the opportunity to come back to weekly large groups after Spring Break and have been hosting them since!

We have also had other notable highlights this semester. In Life Groups, we have started a series called “Race and the Gospel” in an effort to give our students a biblical view on racial reconciliation. This has gone really well and is equipping students to have those conversations in a way that introduces Jesus, the hope of the gospel.

Along with these highlights, we were also given the award of Student Organization of the Year from FHSU! Our student leadership team has done an excellent job of jumping through many hoops for the past year to keep their friends and classmates safe. Ultimately, all glory goes to Christ since He is our Great Leader.

We are beginning planning and preparations for Back-to-School outreach and events in August. The University has said they plan to have students fully back on campus next semester! We hope to have greater opportunities to meet and connect with new students and share the Good News with them. We’ll have students going several places over the summer. After having to cancel our overseas trip last summer, we’re very excited to be sending a team of five students to East Africa. This location will be a new partnership for us as well, so we look forward to seeing how that goes.

Carin Cochran is director of Christian Challenge at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan.