By Robbie Nutter
Here is an update from Christian Challenge at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.:

Scene 1: One of the first events that Christian Challenge helped with this semester was a welcome dinner for new international students here at K-State.

One of the students that came was from Afghanistan. I sat next to him, introduced myself and said, “This may sound a little strange, but I saw you are from Afghanistan. I just wanted you to know that I’ve been praying for your country. How are you doing? How is your family?”

This was the beginning of a conversation that lasted several minutes. At one point I asked him how old he was.

“Twenty-eight,” he replied.

“Have you ever met a Christian before?” I asked.

“No,” was his response. Can you imagine that? Twenty-eight-years-old and he’d never met anyone that could tell him the Good News of Jesus.

“Well, I’m a Christian, so now you have met one,” I said.

Scene 2: A few days later I was sitting down in the Union with a student from a small town in Kansas. He had come to one of our events and asked if he could talk more about Jesus. We sat down in the Union. I heard his story and asked if he knew anything about the gospel of Jesus. He didn’t know. I proceeded to go through a simple 5-minute presentation of the gospel that he had never heard.

Those two scenes are what campus ministry is like — a student from the other side of the world who has never met a Christian and a small-town kid from rural Kansas who both show up in Manhattan at the same time.

Neither knew the gospel, and both were looking for a friend and a better future. These two scenes on repeat are a big reason why we are still here.

Please pray for all of the gospel seeds being planted that God would protect these seeds from the evil one coming to steal them away.

Robbie Nutter is director of Christian Challenge at Kansas State University. He also is the KNCSB director of collegiate ministry.