The Shine team has made the decision to cancel our in-person Shine weekend Nov.  6-7.

With all the calls we received asking how we were going to protect daughters from getting COVID-19, and with registration only at 55, we prayerfully decided to cancel.

However, we will have video options available for you to do the same weekend or whenever you can plan a time for your girls.

On Thursday, Nov.  5, two video Bible teaching sessions from our speaker Sarah Gaskin will be posted on the Shine Facebook page. Breakout session videos for leaders also will be posted along with two music sets by Claire, our worship leader, and mission project ideas!

So use the same weekend if you were planning to attend Shine. Or find an evening or Saturday morning to invite your teen girls and their friends to your church for a Mini Shine!

We are so sorry, and please know we will miss being together at Webster!

We are looking forward to 2021 and all of our events going on as scheduled!

Mari Parker