Editor’s note: Please pray for all KNCSB collegiate ministries as they reach out to new students at the beginning of the school year. The first six weeks of classes are a crucial time to reach new students.

By Carin Cochran

Freshmen ministry is a key part of most college ministries. By reaching freshmen it is possible to reach the whole campus. Freshmen are in a stage of transition — they are beginning to figure out who they are without their parents. And they are extremely open to trying things they have not done before (good or bad).

Freshmen are most open to new things when they first get to campus. So this is a key time to reach them. Another important reason to reach freshmen is so they will be trained to become leaders in their upcoming years of college.

The way we do freshmen outreach at Fort Hays State University is we really try to focus on the first six or so weeks of school. We help out with move-in days into the dorms for the freshmen each year. This is a great way to serve and love students as soon as they get on campus.

While helping with move-in we give away free snow cones and invite them to our next event which is our back-to-school cookout. At this event our leadership team and staff try to meet as many students as possible and get to know them. This has been an extremely effective time the last couple years as we have been able to establish relationships with freshmen.

We have other outreach events the first few weeks like Capture the Flag, pancake socials, and more cookouts. This allows us to meet and reach as many students as we can so we can build relationships with them and share the gospel with them. So we are looking forward to meeting hundreds of new students that will flood the campus very soon. We are really excited to see how God is going to use those already in Christian Challenge to reach their peers.

Please pray for our current student leaders and staff as they share the gospel boldly as well as continue to build and strengthen their foundation in Christ. And please pray for the new students we will be meeting in the coming weeks. Pray that God will make Himself known and that He will be glorified on our campus! This is a vital time of ministry and we are so thankful for your prayers and support.

Carin Cochran has directed Christian Challenge at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan., for 25 years.