Downtown North Platte, Neb., was the scene of a Black Lives Matter demonstration Sunday afternoon, May 31.

The demonstration occurred in the area where Two Rivers Fellowship meets in a historic building.

Pastor Doug Lee received a call about a family needing food. So he went downtown to the church building around 2 p.m. to get food from the food pantry. Doug described what happened:

“On my way to our building I saw a growing crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators gathering in the parking lot and along the sidewalk behind our building.

“Coming out of the building I encountered young adult protesters. I asked if they were protesting the incident in Minnesota. They said, ‘Yes.’

“I asked if they were from North Platte and they were. I then asked where they went to church and they said they don’t go to church.”

“I said, ‘I read from different sources that George Floyd was a follower of Christ. Did you know that?’ They said they didn’t know that.

“Then I pointed to our building with the big sign ‘Two Rivers Fellowship’ and said, ‘I am their pastor.’ This gave me opportunities to share with groups of two to four at a time the gospel of Jesus Christ!

“Throughout my time among the demonstrators I visited with the Chief of Police and Sheriff encouraging them for their good job in handling the demonstrators.”

Some of the people Doug talked with expressed an interest in meeting for further conversation. Please pray for seeds of the gospel that were shared to develop into professions of faith.