Editor’s note: this article was written by Southern Baptist international workers with ties to Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association. Their names are not being published due to security reasons.

Southern Baptist workers around the world deal with the constant reality that they may suddenly be required to leave the country where they serve. Due to security and visa issues, our family had to abruptly leave the country where we served for 19 years to travel back to the United States. We lost our beloved community and most of our belongings as they were sold by our friends.

We have since accepted an assignment in a new country, where we will be learning a new culture and figuring out how we fit in the new and strange land. These experiences are not unique to our family. Personnel around the world face challenges and suffering due to security issues, persecution, illness, and logistics.

Even now many are having trouble returning to their field of service because of the coronavirus. They are not sure when they will be allowed to fly.

Pray that we will not be discouraged or surprised by suffering. Ask God to help us rejoice as we share in the sufferings of Christ.

Pray for perseverance and that our relationship with the Lord will be strengthened during these trials.

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