By Doug Lee

Solid Rock Baptist Church, Alliance, Neb., is comprised of Native Americans from the Lakota Sioux tribe.

It meets on the second Monday of each month in a meeting room called Gallery 3 in downtown Alliance.

The people who attend call it church, but many will see it as a Bible study. A typical gathering will consist of a meal where everyone will sign up to bring food. The meals usually have a theme.

Following the meal the adults will gather for Bible study and the kids for Kids Bible Club.

In June the church will be meeting in a local park for a picnic, games, and a brief devotional. Every month there is an emphasis on inviting family and friends, but these special events place a greater emphasis on outreach and fellowship.

At the May meeting a young husband and wife with a new baby made decisions for Jesus Christ.

We also had an informal meeting and talked about meeting weekly. We will continue our monthly gathering and meet in homes on the other Mondays using Skype for Bible study.

Solid Rock Baptist Church is sponsored by Two Rivers Fellowship in North Platte.

Doug Lee is a church planter in Western Nebraska. He and his wife, Brenda, lead Western Trails Ministry. Look for Western Trails Ministry on Facebook. Contact Doug at