Viola Webb Missions Offering

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The Viola Webb Missions Offering offering benefits mission causes in the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists and your local association. Receipts are split 50/50 between KNCSB and the association where the money was given. The offering is named for Viola Webb, who directed Kansas-Nebraska Woman’s Missionary Union for 25 years.



Viola Webb – A Look at Her Life

Viola Webb was a person who was full of surprises. On the surface, she was a perfect lady. Beneath her sweet smile lay stubbornness, passion and a love for sports, horses and rodeo. But most of all, Viola loved Jesus Christ, missions—and Diet Dr Pepper.

Her love for Jesus and passion for missions fueled her as she served Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists for 25 years. From 1957 to 1982, she served as executive director of Kansas-Nebraska Woman’s Missionary Union. After her retirement, she was active in her church, First Southern Baptist Church in Topeka, until her health forced her to step back.

A Texas native, Viola was the oldest of eight children and had many of an oldest child’s responsibilities. She worked with her father in the fields during the week. Then on Saturdays, she did the ironing for her mother, using “sad irons” heated on a woodstove.

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Viola Webb Promotional Material Downloads

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November 11, 2017