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The Bible Teaching Department is responsible for providing training, consultations, and information about resources to assist in equipping the churches of KNCSB in their Bible teaching ministries. These ministries include Sunday School/Bible Study (or its equivalent, regardless of the name), Vacation Bible School, Christian education ministries and staff members, preschool/children’s ministries, FAITH, outreach, and special education.

Watch the Calendar and Blog for events, news, and resources regarding the Bible Study department and all we do.


Preschoolers and Children Guidelines

Attached are a couple of articles with guidelines for grouping preschoolers and children.  One of the articles is: Essentials for Excellence and the other is How to Organize Preschoolers and Children in Sunday School.  There is a book from LifeWay for $2.95 called “Essentials for Excellence: Connecting Preschool Sunday School to Life” which is a great resource

Sunday School Resources

About Sunday School

The KNCSB Sunday School Director(s) have made a commitment to assist associations in providing quality training for church leaders in the areas of Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and open small group Bible studies.

Vacation Bible School

An annual VBS training event for associational VBS team members is held in Salina usually the first Saturday in April.

Sunday School

The KNCSB Bible Study-Discipleship Team has moved to customizing training to fit the specific needs of the Kansas and Nebraska associations by working through the Directors of Missions and associational Sunday School directors.

Sunday School Team

A state Sunday School team of specialists in each age-group is enlisted annually. They receive special training each year in their area of expertise. They lead state training events and are available on a limited schedule for teaching in associations.

Telephone Consultations

The state Sunday School Director(s) as well as the age-group specialists are available for telephone consultations in any area of Sunday School work. The state director(s) have an “800” number to make help more accessible.

Other Educational Areas

The KNCSB Sunday School Director(s) are the contact person(s) for these additional areas of Christian Education:

  • Ministers of Education
  • Preschool/Children’s Ministers
  • Weekday Early Education (Preschools, Mother’s Day Out, etc.)
  • Special Education

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November 13, 2017