By Robbie Nutter

My mentor Bob Anderson used to always tell me that in ministry, “We have to leave room for the mystery of God.” Maybe in that regard 2020 has been a gift to us. I know it has brought on a lot of fear, heartache, and frustration. It has also brought a lot of disruptions and helped us think outside the box. While not fun, if this helps us not resist the Holy Spirit by putting our hopes in methods rather than a mysterious God, I’m here for it. May God continue to guide us, and in His kindness reveal to us where we may be resisting Him.

What’s going on:

The last couple of weeks have been so encouraging as several students have surrendered to Christ and several more are in ongoing conversations where they are counting the cost. Please pray that God would protect the seeds of the gospel that have been planted.

Oct. 24 – We are having a COVID-19 style freshmen retreat. It will be a day at the lake and won’t be over night. Please pray for favorable weather and for edifying relationships to be formed.

Oct. 28-29 – We will be taking our interns to join Christian Challenge at Pittsburg State University and Wichita State University. Please pray that God would clarify the next steps of these nine interns that are ending the program in May. Some want to head overseas. Some want to continue in campus ministry, and some are unsure.

Robbie Nutter is the KNCSB director of collegiate ministry and director of Christian Challenge at Kansas State University in Manhattan.