The KNCSB Lending Library has received five new DVD studies:

  • “Jesus & Women” by Kristi McLelland
  • “Take Courage — A Study of Haggai” by Jennifer Rothschild
  • “Matchless — The Life and Love of Jesus” by Angie Smith
  • “Elijah — Faith and Fire” by Priscilla Shirer
  • “TruthFilled” by Ruth Chou Simons

The KNCSB Lending Library offers popular DVD studies that may be checked out by Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches.

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“Jesus & Women” by Kristi McLelland

This kit includes three DVDs with seven sessions and one Bible study book.

This encouragement from Jesus comforted a hurting woman’s soul thousands of years ago. And it offers a similar gospel hope to you today. Imagine walking the dusty roads of Galilee with Jesus of Nazareth.

Session topics are:

  • Meeting the Middle Eastern Jesus
  • Jesus and Women in the First-Century World
  • Jesus and the Woman at the Well
  • Jesus and the Woman against a Wall
  • Jesus and the Woman with Chutzpah
  • Jesus and the Woman on the Southern Steps
  • Jesus and the Tale of Two Marys

“Matchless — The Life and Love of Jesus” by Angie Smith

This kit includes two DVDs with eight sessions.

Who is Jesus? Why did He come to earth? How can I know Him? We live in a world where there’s a lot of confusion about Jesus. Too often people want to shape Him and his message to fit their personal needs or agendas. So how can we know the truth? This study unfolds the story of our matchless Savior — His mission, miracles, and message.

Session topics are:

  • Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • Preface: The Early Years
  • Presence: Starting His Ministry
  • Purpose: The Teacher
  • Power: The Miracle Worker
  • Passions: The Suffering Savior
  • Promise: The Risen Lord
  • Personal: A Choice to Make

“Take Courage — A Study of Haggai” by Jennifer Rothschild

This kit includes two DVDs with seven sessions and a Bible study book with leader helps.

Sometimes the landscapes of our lives feel wrecked with our hope and purpose in shambles. We get too distracted and discouraged. However, God’s presence and promises gives us courage to press on and trust Him with our story.

Session topics are:

  • Introduction
  • The ABCs of Haggai
  • The Anatomy of Discouragement
  • The Antidotes for Discouragement
  • The Actions of Courage
  • The Affirmation of Faithfulness
  • The Attitudes of the Heart

“Elijah — Faith and Fire” by Priscilla Shirer

This kit includes one Bible study book and two DVDs with seven sessions.

Old Testament heroes are best known for their most celebrated moments: Moses dividing the Red Sea; David slaying Goliath; Gideon routing an insurmountable army; Joshua marching around the defiant walls of Jericho; and Elijah calling down fire on Mount Carmel.

Strength of faith, character and boldness can only be shaped in the hidden fires of silence, sameness, solitude and adversity. Those who patiently wait on God in the darkness emerge with their holy loyalty cemented, their courage emblazoned, and their confident belief in Him set afire.

Session topics are:

  • Gilead: The Starting Point
  • Cherith: The Part Nobody Sees
  • Zarephath: The Season of Refining
  • Carmel: Exposing the Counterfeit
  • Carmel: Experiencing the Authentic
  • Horeb: Fear, Fatigue, and a Future
  • Heavenward: Faith, Failure, and Beyond

“TruthFilled” by Ruth Chou Simons

This kit includes one Bible study book and two DVDs with seven sessions.

Many of us want God’s Word to dwell richly in us, but life can get in the way. This study helps us in every changing season of life to rest in God’s character, rehearse our identity in Christ, respond in faith, and remember God’s provision for us. Only the truth of God’s Word was meant to fill you up and satisfy you fully.

Session topics are:

  • Introduction — Colossians 1:1-14
  • Rest in God’s Character: Colossians 1:15-2:3
  • Rehearse Who You Are: Colossians 2:4-23
  • Respond in Faith: Colossians 3:1-4:1
  • Remember God’s Provisions: Colossians 4:2-18
  • Put It into Practice
  • Commissioning