The KNCSB Lending Library offers popular DVD studies that may be checked out by Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches.

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The two newest DVD studies in the Lending Library are “God of Covenant” by Jen Wilkin and “City of Lions” by Amy Byrd.

“God of Covenant” by Jen Wilkin

This DVD study includes a member book with leader helps and 10 video sessions.

Walk through the stories of the fathers of our faith – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Discover how God is working everything together for His glory and for the good of His people. Session topics are:

  • Genesis Introduction
  • Calling and Covenant
  • God Visits
  • The Long-Awaited Son
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Exile and Reconciliation
  • Trouble at Shechem
  • Joseph in Egypt
  • Joseph over Egypt
  • The Deaths of Jacob and Joseph

“City of Lions” by Amy Byrd

This is a teen girls’ DVD kit and includes a member book with leader helps and seven sessions.

Lead girls through an in-depth look at the first six chapters in the Book of Daniel. From the pressure to compromise his faith to the threats and temptations of living in a culture hostile to his religious beliefs. Daniel battled many of the same pressures we face today. Teach girls how they can live with the same faith and integrity Daniel demonstrated in the midst of opposition. Session topics are:

  • Set Apart
  • Your People
  • Unshaking Faith
  • Influencers
  • No Filter
  • Run to Him
  • Sovereign over All