Seven KNCSB Disaster Relief volunteers recently served in Okmulgee County, Okla., after flooding there.

Trinity Baptist Church, Morris, Okla., hosted the DR teams. Our team helped several home owners that were impacted by the floods. We provided roof tarp services and flood recovery to homes that had 1-3 feet of flood water.

We were grateful that Jim Smith’s Oklahoma flood recovery team was able to join us for the last couple days to complete a large home that had 6 inches of water throughout. We took out all floors, drywall to 24.5 inches, solid wood trim, kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom vanities, etc. Then we sanitized the crawl space and first floor and did mold mitigation.

On the last day the homeowner’s son prayed to receive Christ. It was a sweet moment. Please pray for AJ as he gains understanding of his salvation experience and that other believers would gather around him.

by Don Arnold, Blue Hat (team leader) of the KNCSB team