Missions and sending missionaries are important tasks. But in that process an often forgotten group of people are the parents of missionaries.

As they were raising their children, the idea of living far from their children and grandchildren was not part of their thinking or even vision. But God called and they have adjusted their vision. They now want to learn how to support their missionary family the best way possible.

So they get together annually to discuss how to:

  • Care from afar
  • Maintain the security necessary to not compromise what their overseas families are doing
  • Encourage their communities and churches to partner with them
  • Pray in a new way for their Third Culture Grandkids

They also learn what is happening in the International Mission Board.

“It’s sharing ideas, stories, emotions and so much more. It keeps us going in living with open hands and hearts,” one parent expressed.

Our speakers were Larry and Sharon Pumpelly from Richmond, Va. Sharon is responsible for all alumni missionaries and parents of missionaries at the IMB. Cullen and Jessa Swearingen were the worship leaders.

This year the meeting was hosted by Covenant Baptist Church, Topeka. Wanamaker Road Baptist Church, Topeka, helped with lunch on Saturday.

Other churches that helped were:

  • Lansing First Southern Baptist Church, Lansing, Kan.
  • First Southern Baptist Church, Garden City, Kan.
  • First Baptist Church, Douglass, Kan.

These churches all shared in the cost of the meals, goodie bags and honorariums along with the Sending Team at KNCSB. Thank you Southern Baptists for not forgetting these key players in the Great Commission and caring for the parents of our missionaries!

If you desire to help with this meeting, please contact the Sending Team at KNCSB.