Editor’s note: Christian Challenge at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan., is one of the featured ministries in the 2018-2019 KNCSB Associational and State Missions Offering. The offering goal is $210,000. Fifty percent of receipts will go to the association where the money was given.

By Sue Sprenkle

These are probably the last things any of Bethany Wood’s college friends would guess she’s doing in her “grown up” years — foster parent, mother of five, photographer, direct sales business owner, community volunteer, Arts Council, MOPs, 4-H and a lay leader in her local church.

“That’s a lot of adulting,” Wood jokes. She didn’t start her first year as an adult at Fort Hays State University heading this direction. “I started living a life that was not pleasing to my Savior.”

Wood grew up in a Christian home. But like many who go off to college, she got swept up in parties and pushing the limits of her newfound adulthood. Some friends dragged her to a Christian Challenge small group and the Greensburg, Kan., native learned that she could “never go so far away that God wouldn’t love me.”

What she learned during the next three years through Christian Challenge stuck with her — more than a decade later.

“Christian Challenge taught me that ministry can happen anywhere,” the 30-something explained. “My husband and I wanted to help kiddos in the foster-care system. We fostered a number of children and ended up adopting three beautiful sisters, choosing to love them ‘as is’ just as Christian Challenge loved me.”

Hearing the stories of Christian Challenge alums and how they continue applying lessons learned in college to their everyday lives makes Carin Cochran smile. She has served for 25 years as director of FHSU Christian Challenge.

Gifts to the KNCSB Associational and State Missions Offering help fund ministries like Christian Challenge at FHSU and other colleges throughout Nebraska and Kansas. Cochran sees these gifts as a long-term investment, impacting students well after they leave college and into their “adulting” years. Find offering promotional materials at https://bit.ly/2OI38P0

Pray for:

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