As hearts and buildings are broken in Ukraine and people flee the country, International Mission Board missionaries are providing a digital lifeline for Ukrainians.

More than 5 million Ukrainians have seen a Facebook ad developed by missionaries and global partners. The ads guide Ukrainians to The Hope for Ukraine website, a website that provides gospel resources, links to download a digital Bible and the ability to send a direct message to a Ukrainian or Russian-speaking Christian for help and prayer.

One of the ads is a video of a Ukrainian woman praying a vulnerable and heart-wrenching prayer for her nation (turn on closed captioning for English subtitles), and one is an ad featuring the reading of Scripture through Lumo Project videos.

Since its launch, 5.77 million people have seen the ads.

“That’s 5.77 million souls – that’s millions of people who desperately need hope right now. These are individual souls who desperately need Jesus or desperately need to be encouraged if they are already believing,” said Brant Bauman, a digital engagement strategist for the IMB.

Whether it is a Ukrainian sitting in their car at the border or hunkered down in Kyiv, they have access to the gospel and a lifeline to talk with a Christian about spiritual matters and ask for prayer. Recently 21,565,456 people had watched the video to the end and 1,154 people messaged asking for help.


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