By Doug Lee

Evangelical churches were urged to work together to reach rural America.

The recent Rural Leadership Conference drew several participants from Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches. It was held at Wheatland Conference Center, Flagler, Colo.

Here is a summary of the conference:

  1. Rural people are really in need of the gospel.
  2. The rural mission field in the United States is a large geographic area with 40 million people.
  3. Gospel churches need to cooperate and encourage one another in reaching rural areas.
  4. Pastors must equip laity and send out the called from their churches.
  5. There is a rising wave of gospel churches working together to reach rural America. We cannot abandon neither metropolitan areas nor rural areas. Therefore we must speak up and urge our denominations and mission boards to remember the rural people group.

Thanks goes to Rural Matters Institute at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College for taking the lead.

Doug Lee is a church planter in Western Nebraska. He and his wife, Brenda, lead Western Trails Ministry. Look for Western Trails Ministry on Facebook. Contact Doug at