So much of life happens between the ages of 17 and 21! Some choose their major or career. Others find a mate and still others decide about faith and their part in church. It is critical to have people of faith speaking into their lives while they are at college.

This story tells how our collegiate ministries in Kansas and Nebraska are training the next generation to serve in the churches they will attend.

Something that is noticeable among young people in the church is that there are fewer musicians. There could be several reasons, but a guess might be that today’s young people have fewer hobbies because entertainment is more prevalent through hand-held devices.

As a result, many of our Kansas-Nebraska collegiate ministries are attempting to intentionally train some students to step into this void and lead music in the church and for campus ministries.

A critical first step is that the students have great hearts for the Lord and have a growing passion for leading worship. Walking alongside these students as they develop godly character and a heart for the Lord is a wonderful foundation! Then sharing together in worshiping the Lord, training them musically and helping them know how to call others to worship prepares them for future service.

Pray for students to sense God’s call in their lives to develop hearts of character and worship to lead others in focusing on the Lord in community.

Thank God for KNCSB collegiate staff members who have a heart to train others to be used in leading worship.