KNCSB collegiate ministries are facing many unknowns about how they will minister to students this fall.

Robbie Nutter is the new KNCSB collegiate ministry director. He is serving part time as he continues to lead Christian Challenge at Kansas State University.

He told of the challenges facing K-State Christian Challenge when fall classes begin Monday, Aug. 17:

“As far as ministry in the fall, most of what we do will not change — small groups and discipleship. But a lot of the way we meet new students and introduce people to the gospel and to a Christ-centered culture is through a few events and our weekly large group. It’s looking more and more like these won’t be able to happen (at least in the way they’ve happened for the last couple decades). We do have some ideas, but I don’t think we’ve had that ‘a-ha’ moment where everything comes together.

“But this I do know: students are discouraged, confused, hopeful and longing for a purpose to live for. And I know the answer to the deepest questions and fears in their lives, and it’s not a policy or an idea. It’s a person: Jesus Christ. With all that’s going on in the world right now, it has made the burden to reach students only grow stronger and burn hotter in my heart.

“It seems like every group in the world is after the heart, energy, and passion of 18- to-23-year-olds. A verse that comes to mind is Mark 11:16. Right after Jesus cleanses the temple, Mark writes, ‘And [Jesus] would not permit anyone to carry goods through the temple.’

“I love to picture this scene! Jesus was like a bodyguard protecting the outsiders to be able to come into the temple and pray. I so want Christian Challenge to be able to offer the same service to students — to stand in between them and the messages on campus that would steal their hearts and affections away from the things of God. Please pray that God would give us wisdom and opportunities to serve as we head into the fall semester.”

Please pray for all KNCSB collegiate ministries as they minister during this challenging time.