Christian Challenge at Colby Community College, Colby, Kan., is growing in fellowship and numbers.

Kellan and Taylor Ziegelmeier are in their second year of ministry at Colby Community College.

“Our biggest growth is that our students are connecting and we have an actual group this year!” Kellan and Taylor reported.

They were excited to take 10 students to the 2019 Fall Conference held in September at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

“We were able to take students with us to Christian Challenge at Fort Hays and at Kansas State University. We wanted the students to get to see what Christian Challenge at Colby could be while also getting to participate in live worship through song and see where they could get involved when/if they transfer to a bigger university. The students seemed to really enjoy this!

“This spring our hopes are to focus more on prayer. We want to take more intentional time to pray for the students and campus while also teaching and modeling the importance of prayer to our group. We hope to have messages on how we see Jesus encountering people in the Bible and on the unique attributes of God.

“We would love some prayers for our freshmen group to connect more with us and continue to grow. After the spring semester is over we will lose many of our sophomore leaders.

“Along with all those who continue to give financially and pray for us, we are thankful for the generosity and blessings of the Christian community we have across Kansas. We appreciate you all and your help continues to spur us on.”