The Morris Baptist Center on the northwest corner of Haskell Indians Nations University, Lawrence, Kan., is a hub for Acts 1:8 outreach.

Indian Avenue Baptist Church meets in the center which is named for the late Sam Morris, a Home Mission Board missionary who served at Haskell. His wife,
Olelah, was active in the church until her death in December 2017.

About 1,000 students from most of the 50 states attend Haskell University.

Indian Avenue Baptist Church has a three-part strategy to reach Haskell students and equip them to fulfill Acts 1:8:

  • Baptist Student Union
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • The Go Team which sends students and adults out to serve

The Go Team is helping to plant churches in two communities that are nearly 1,100 miles apart—Warren, Ark., and Alliance, Neb.

The team is helping start a multicultural church in Warren, Ark. It has served twice in Warren, and a third trip is planned Feb. 16-19 during President’s Day weekend. This partnership is a result of Arkansas churches serving with Indian Avenue Baptist Church in Lawrence.

In Alliance, the team is working with Solid Rock Baptist Fellowship, a group that meets once a month. It is comprised mostly of Native Americans from the Lakota Sioux tribe.

Two spring-break teams from Indian Avenue Baptist Church have served in Alliance. The goal is to send two Haskell students to serve as summer missionaries there this year.

Go teams also serve on the Omaha Indian Reservation, 80 miles north of the city of Omaha. They partner with Native American missionaries Ron and Alfie Goombi, who are Haskell alumni.

Although the Indian Avenue congregation is small, it has a big vision to reach and disciple Haskell students to help fulfill Acts 1:8.