You Might Be A Seasoned Worship Leader…


You Might Be A Seasoned Worship Leader If…

leisure suit

  • You’ve had recurring nightmares about showing up in your underwear to lead the Christmas music.
  • You remember when banjos and mandolins were popular the first time.
  • Your version of a click-track is tapping a pencil on your music stand.
  • You remember when using split-track cassettes was living on the edge.
  • Business Casual meant wearing a leisure suit.
  • Your former youth choir members are now parents of former youth choir members.
  • You couldn’t wait to sell the church Hammond B3 and Leslie speaker 25 years ago at the youth mission trip garage sale for 100 bucks…Oops.
  • Your version of a drum loop is patting a continuous rhythm on your resonant stomach.
  • You considered coloring your hair…until you realized it wasn’t available for ears and noses.
  • You’ve managed music budgets that included hymnals, overhead projectors, a video projector the size of a compact car, and a digital projector the size of a Kleenex box.
  • The attire for any of your music groups ever included white pants and vests.
  • Planning Center was the location where you and the pianist met every Sunday morning to select the hymns with no sharps.
  • You’ve ever asked a congregation to turn over in their hymnals.
  • A Capo reminds you of Don Corleone in the Godfather.



8 Responses to “You Might Be A Seasoned Worship Leader…”

  • John Cotten Says:

    • You really DID sit around a camp fire singing “Kum Ba Yah,” though it had to be in G, because you only knew G, C and D7 on your guitar.
    • Music by Ralph Carmichael or Buryl Red was the coolest ev-er!
    • You still have boxes of cassette tapes in the garage or attic, a few of which are actually labeled.
    • Your first set of handbells, a 2-octave set of 25 bells, was played by fourteen people, using whole, half, and quarter notes only. People loved it!
    • You stayed up all night, singing through every verse of every hymn in the ’91 Edition of Baptist Hymnal, laughing uncontrollably when, about 3:00 a.m. you came to “Open My Eyes, That I May See.”
    • Every soloist had “…Walked Today Where Jesus Walked.”

  • David Manner Says:

    Good additions, Paul. Welcome to the conversation. I hope you don’t mind that I used your college yearbook photo above, hah!

  • Paul Searcey Says:

    …if you recruited boys to the youth choir just to carry the Shure Vocal Master speakers.

    … if you used to think the music of the Jesus band, “Love Song” was too far out there to do in a service

  • Lee Hinson Says:

    Oh, my — too funny, David. I HAD one of those leisure suits. And I can add one: You are a seasoned worship leader if you have led behind a pulpit large enough to provide cover when your fly is down.

  • Peggy Says:

    Oh, LOL!!! This was terrific! I remember polyester double knit outfits in the group…oy, vey!!

  • Duane Says:

    David of course you would have to put in there something about coloring hair! Yes I’m only 45 but the last time my hair had color I played a punk rocker church musician in a comedy musical dinner theater at church…oh and by the way my hair was pink! And not by my choosing!

  • Suzie Paul Says:

    Your youth choir director was taking a professional risk by having your youth choir present “Celebrate Life”.

    Including a chorus in the worship service meant singing “Pass It On”.

  • Patrick Says:

    You cringe when you hear someone pronounce “in” the wrong way in “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

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