Worship Leader…Cook or Chef?


Chefs and Cooks perform the same basic functions of preparing and presenting food for others to eat. But their methods, motives, purposes and end results are often radically different.


cookA Cook has perfected a specific set of food preparation skills and can reproduce meals from previous experiences of following a recipe. Cooks have a repertoire of repeatable, reliable and consistent mechanical aptitudes in the kitchen that enables them to follow someone else’s menu.

A Cook, however, often becomes an assembly line worker who reproduces a monotonous product that although mechanically efficient is not very profound. A Cook cooks to live.



ChefA Chef is not only a fine cook, but also intimately familiar with the historical, cultural and emotional dimensions of the dishes and ingredients necessary to create those dishes. With the heart of an artist, a Chef is never afraid to tastefully fuse new ingredients, evolve existing dishes, discontinue obsolete dishes or experiment with new aesthetic creations.

A Chef has the desire to make a contribution to culinary depth. Chef’s define serving sizes, discern appropriate spices and determine the unique presentation appropriate for each culture and context. A Chef is an artisan. With great care, skill and precision, the Chef handcrafts a high quality, distinctive and unique creation each and every time. A Chef lives to cook.



Worship Leader…Cook or Chef?



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