We’re Creating Worship Dependents



If our worship leadership conveys that worship starts when we start it and ends when we end it; if we expend all resources and energy preparing for and presenting a single hour (or two) on Sunday and have nothing left to encourage worship the other hours of the week; if we aren’t exhorting congregants and modeling for them how to worship not only when we gather but also when we disperse; then we are creating worship dependents.

Worship Dependency

Worship Dependency is conditional or contingent on something or someone else. 

Worship Dependency saves it until Sunday and waits for someone else to initiate it.

Worship Dependency has to start over every Sunday.

Worship Dependency increases worship conflict since we only get one shot at it each week.

Worship Dependency is passive.

Conversely, when worshipers are no longer dependent but are instead empowered, they are encouraged to engage in a perpetual cycle of continuous worship. What occurs on Sunday is an overflow of what has already been occurring during the week with the added benefit of getting to share it with others. The weekly gathering is then the culmination of our daily occurrences.

Worship Empowerment

Worship Empowerment leads to the full, conscious, active and continuous participation of worshipers.

Worship Empowerment increases the capacity of individuals to recognize God’s revelation and challenges them to transform that revelation into a response…worship.

Worship Empowerment equips others to think, behave or take action autonomously.

Worship Empowerment encourages congregants to respond to God’s revelation in the moment it occurs.

Worship Empowerment focuses on what we can do and who we can be out in the world beyond Sunday and starts every day where we left off the day before.

Worship Empowerment reduces worship conflict since we get multiple shots at it each and every day.

Worship Empowerment is participatory.

“Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that openly profess his name” (Hebrews 13:15)


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  • pastor. vijaykumar. o Says:

    I am church pastor. I am sevice three cherhes, cherch membars 167. Every sunday worship morning 8, o. Clock, 10,30, second service , third service 5, o, clock. Every tuseday catege preyars, everyfriday fosting preyars , and every satarday childrens class. Every monday othervillages visit and gospel ministree please prey my ministry thanking you brother

  • David Manner Says:

    Wow, thanks David Ritter. That book is on my bucket list. At least I know I can sell one copy!

  • David Ritter Says:

    Dr. Manner,

    I so appreciate all of the insights you offer in this forum and am actually quite shocked with some of the negative comments that others post. However, you have maintained integrity with not only the content of your sharing but with your gracious responses to criticism as well. Keep up the great work! I’m ready to buy your next book!

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