Ways Pastors Can Help Their Kids Hate Church



Ways Pastors Can Help Their Kids Hate Church…

  • Always ask how something might impact your ministry before asking how it might impact your family.
  • Move to a new church every couple of years.
  • View unscheduled phone calls or visits from church members as divine interruptions and unscheduled phone calls or visits from your children as disrespectful intrusions.
  • Never remove your pastor hat to wear your parent hat.
  • Attend out of town conferences at prime locations but never have enough time for family vacations.
  • Miss ballgames and concerts to attend church stuff.
  • Don’t defend them from unfair and unrealistic church member expectations.
  • Have a different spiritual persona at church than you have at home.
  • Use them as sermon or teaching illustrations without their permission.
  • Express disappointment or embarrassment when they act like regular kids.
  • Never show them affection at church.
  • Remind them how their words and actions reflect on your public appearance.
  • Talk openly at the dinner table about church conflicts.
  • Expect them to have the same passion for your calling as you do.

2 Responses to “Ways Pastors Can Help Their Kids Hate Church”

  • Matthew Hawkins Says:

    Last one is the hardest for me. Why don’t they want to sing and play as much as I do? Why do I have to drag them out of bed for practice or service? Oh wait, this is my calling, we’re waiting on theirs still. Good reminders David.

  • Eric Benoy Says:

    ‘Nuff said, well said. I remember the pastor I started out in ministry under who kept before the church his priorities : 1) God/personal walk , 2) Wife , 3) children , 4) church — and boy some folks were hot about it — they automatically equated church and God

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