Top 10 Worship Team Tips




  • If you have to inhale to wear skinny jeans…don’t.
  • No flip-flops. The platform lights have a tendency to magnify ugly feet and some people still refer to flip-flops as thongs.
  • Cleavage (guys or girls) may be acceptable on the red carpet at the Emmy’s but not on the powder blue carpet in the worship center.
  • White slacks maximize the appearance of your lower extremities…do you really want to look like a bridge pylon on the platform?
  • Drummer…the crash cymbal is like a fine wine meant to be enjoyed on special occasions and intended to be sipped not chugged.
  • Lead Guitarist…did you know the congregation can actually see you? Less is more when it comes to low-slung guitar gyrations.
  • Singers…consider your facial expressions (contortions). Is that conviction we are seeing or the consequences of your breakfast burrito?
  • Singers…please respect the other team members. Not everyone enjoys your morning breath as much as your dog does (see breakfast burrito above).
  • Tech Team…Using Comic Sans font doesn’t make the late slide transitions any more humorous.
  • Worship Leader…when considering verbal transitions; know the flight plan and how to land the plane before you leave the runway.


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