20 Things Worship Leaders Should Say More Often


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20 Things Worship Leaders Should Say More Often

  • Let’s select song keys with a comfortable singing range for the congregation.
  • The band is too loud when we can’t hear the congregation sing.
  • I love studying theology.
  • Let’s sing fewer songs this week to allow more time for Scripture and Prayer.
  • We’ve learned enough new songs for a while.
  • It’s time to learn some new songs.
  • I love my pastor and pray for him daily.
  • We don’t sing songs that aren’t biblically accurate or theologically sound.
  • I can’t do this on my own.
  • Please remain seated if that is more comfortable for you.
  • I am interested in what everyone else thinks.
  • No, that is my family time.
  • That’s too pretentious.
  • Let’s get some feedback from the senior adults.
  • We need to celebrate the Lord’s Supper more frequently.
  • Instead of making changes, let’s get better at what we are already doing.
  • It’s Monday and the worship service is already planned.
  • I never want what I wear to distract or detract from worship.
  • I love it when the house lights are up so I can see their faces.
  • Not every great worship song is great for congregational singing.

6 Responses to “20 Things Worship Leaders Should Say More Often”

  • Eric Benoy Says:

    spot on

  • Craig Collins Says:

    Awesome list, David! In a way, it’s sad that you had to come up with a list like that, but I think it is much needed! I especially loved the one about the Sr. Adults. All too often, everything is geared towards the youth and the Sr. Adults who have been the lifeblood of the church (and indeed many churches wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for their self-sacrificial giving and service) are ignored.

    I would also add that sometimes the band is not only too loud to hear the congregation singing, but it’s too loud for everyone’s aural health. Permanent hearing loss regularly occurs when music is played/sung too loudly. The youngest and oldest members of the congregation are the most susceptible to this hearing loss.

    I also think the following should be added: “I need to learn more about healthy vocal production and smart rehearsal practices. I don’t want to damage my singers’ voices by over-rehearsing or by not helping them to sing in a healthy, efficient manner.” (Many sing with a degree of vocal strain that damages their voices and limits their full vocal range.)

    Thanks for your list. I pray that many will see it and take it to heart!

  • Bridget Willard Says:

    YES! An emphatic YES!

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  • Quentin Sawatzky Says:

    You are so “on target” with your observations! Too often these days, “worship” means “Sunday Morning Concert.” (“•The band is too loud when we can’t hear the congregation sing). And while many of today’s songs are good and have blessed me and encouraged me (I love Chris Tomlin!), the hymns of yesterday can be (and are) just as powerful and full of meaning. Sadly, today’s teens / young people haven’t heard those messages (•We don’t sing songs that aren’t biblically accurate or theologically sound / Not every song is appropriate for congregational singing).
    God bless you, brother. And may your messages be heard and accepted.

  • Buford Cox Says:

    David, Thanks for taking the time to share your insight/wisdom. I hope you don’t mind that I often copy these and put the on the bulletin board outside my office door for my students to see.

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