Ten Things Pastors Wish We Knew



Most of us don’t fully realize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual demands required to serve as a pastor. We are often aware of the investments those in ministry have made in our own lives. What we don’t often calculate, however, is the cumulative time and energy those investments require when multiplied by the entire membership population of our congregation.

We depend on our pastors as personal counselors, mentors, leaders, friends, and spiritual advisors. They are the first ones we call when we need someone to bless our marriages, baptize our children, or bury our parents. When our families are in crisis we expect our pastors to referee, repair, and reclaim. And yet at the same time we expect them to challenge and encourage us with great sermons every Sunday.

If all of us have the same expectation that our pastors will willingly respond to our every need, then how can we not expect the stress of that responsibility to eventually take its toll? So, maybe in addition to providing our pastors with a gift card for pastor appreciation month we should also be sensitive to some of the following things they wish we knew.

  • They wish we knew they are often discouraged and usually flat worn-out.
  • They wish we knew how hard it is for them to find time to take a sabbath each week.
  • They wish we knew they often face the same struggles in life we do.
  • They wish we knew how much they worry if their kids will even like church when they are no longer required to attend.
  • They wish we knew how lonely they sometimes are.
  • They wish we knew how mean some church members can be.
  • They wish we knew how demanding sermon and worship service preparation is every week.
  • They wish we knew how often they get approached about menial things right before they lead, speak, or preach.
  • They wish we knew that it often feels like church members are holding them to a higher standard than even God does.
  • They wish we knew how much it would mean to them and the health of our church if we prayed through ministry decisions before criticizing them.

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