The Power of Permission


permissionHow does your congregation know what worship actions or responses are acceptable or even permissible if you as their leader aren’t reminding them? Is it possible our assumptions may be contributing to their hesitancy? My pastor and friend, Grant English posted a great article last week on his blog that serves as a challenge to all worship planners and leaders as they consider this issue.

Read Grant’s entire post here: The Power of Permission

Grant wrote, “I will never stop planning and praying over our services every single week. Never. I’ll never cease to work to make them as good as we can make them. I’m in good company with those promises. There are millions of people and pastors and worship leaders and creative team people that make that same promise every single week.

We just better remember the point of it all. It’s not a glorified form of behavior modification where we can get people to stand when we want them to, sit when we want them to and sing when we want them to. If that is the case, then we are not all that different from those scientist who set up lab experiments with the mice in the maze. See if they can produce X result and we will reward them with some cheese.

It’s the Spirit that heals, and convicts. He instructs and encourages. He transforms us, not anything else. So the point has to be to create a space for Him to become more and us become less.

And at times all that is needed for that to happen is permission.”


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