The Attention A Worship Leader Craves


RelationshipsMost worship leaders hunger for the investment of and healthy communication with their senior pastor. But they don’t always have the freedom to initiate that relationship or those conversations until the senior pastor starts them. Consequently, planning, preparation and evaluation is often by trial and error that can be discouraging to the worship leader and frustrating to the senior pastor.

Worship leaders crave the attention of a senior pastor who values and creates a culture of healthy communication, sacrifice and trust that isn’t guarded, territorial, defensive or competitive. In other words, worship leaders long for the relational bond of shared ministry with a senior pastor who is confident enough in his own abilities and limitations to humbly admit publicly and privately that he can’t get it done alone.

The Pastor’s Attention A Worship Leader Craves

  • A collaborative spirit that is complementary, not competitive.
  • Grace that welcomes disagreement without fear of retaliation.
  • Approachability, availability and accountability.
  • Respect for the calling and leadership of others even when radically different from their own.
  • The capacity to affirm in public; correct and coach in private; and pastor in both places.
  • Enough humility to acknowledge that shared ministry doesn’t threaten but instead strengthens.
  • A desire to initiate significant conversations about vision, dreams, expectations and evaluations.
  • A yearning to invest in the personal and spiritual development of others with no ulterior motive.
  • Loyalty, trust and respect.
  • The confidence to acknowledge the sermon may not always be primary.
  • The resolve to work toward a common philosophy of worship.
  • A prayer intercessor for and with ministry colleagues.
  • Authentic transparency and vulnerability.
  • An appropriate sense of humor.
  • Full engagement in worship, spiritual disciplines and family.
  • True friendship.

2 Responses to “The Attention A Worship Leader Craves”

  • Ryan Says:

    I found this article to be very helpful. All music leaders crave or should crave a healthy relationship with the pastor. I feel I would have to disagree with the aspect that the sermon “may not always be primary”.

    If a pastor is preaching a great scripturally based sermon. It is always primary in my view. Scripture takes a back seat to no one. If it is great scripturally based music then they may be closer to being equal. But I believe good worship music should prepare hearts to revive the message.

    I totally agree with the section on “A desire to initiate significant conversations about vision, dreams, expectations and evaluations”. I meet weekly with the pastor and this is the main goal. It is truly needed.

  • Macky Says:

    Wow, I am so blessed because this is the very relationship I have with my senior pastor, and have enjoyed this relationship for 14 years of ministry!

    Unfortunately, far too few worship leaders have this luxury…

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