Senior Pastor/Worship Pastor Relational Contract


Relational contractA relational contract is a voluntary agreement between two or more parties that clarifies the expectations of their association in order to diminish conflict, encourage unity, inspire trust and foster mutual accountability.

What if you and your Senior Pastor or you and your Worship Pastor planned and prepared worship with a relational contractual agreement as one of the foundational components of your leadership? Can you imagine the worship health potential this could offer your congregation?

Unfortunately, this type of worship leading relationship rarely occurs because leaders often function as independent contractors reliant on their own strength, ability, methods, processes and talent.

Implementing a Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor relational contract will require a level of sacrifice and trust that is not guarded, territorial, defensive or competitive. It could serve as a useful guide to hold each other accountable to the unified goal of fulfilling and helping each other fulfill the mission of your church. But it will obviously never occur unless and until both parties are willing to embrace it.

Consider the following contract sample as a place to begin:


Senior Pastor/Worship Pastor Relational Contract

In an effort to more effectively lead, exhort, teach and model healthy worship, we as the primary worship leaders agree to adhere to the following relational guiding principles. We understand that the worship of our congregation will never be completely healthy until our relationship as its leaders is also healthy.

____________, Senior Pastor        _____________, Worship Pastor

We agree that we will…

  • Maintain a collaborative spirit that supports worship and preaching as complementary, not competitive.
  • Publicly and privately acknowledge the value of our unique callings, leadership styles, gifts and competencies.
  • Listen as often as we speak.
  • Partner in leading and teaching worship that moves beyond musical style alone to deeper biblical and theological content.
  • Communicate our disagreements in private without fear of retribution.
  • Make every effort to be approachable, available and accountable to each other.
  • Affirm in public; correct, instruct, coach and mentor in private; and pastor each other at all times.
  • Consider shared ministry as a partnership that does not threaten but instead strengthens our leadership.
  • Initiate intentional significant conversations that include our hopes, dreams, goals, expectations, plans, concerns and evaluations.
  • Invest in the personal and spiritual development of each other with no ulterior motive.
  • Preserve loyalty, trust, respect and friendship.
  • Work toward a common philosophy of worship and ministry.
  • Pray consistently for and with each other.

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  • Paul Clark Says:

    Wow! What a concept…not too likely in most of the situations i am aware of, but I love the idea of making ourselves mutually vulnerable.

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