A Paradox is a statement that contradicts itself or a situation that seems to defy logic. A Doxology is a liturgical action or expression of praise and worship to God. When the two are combined the result is a Paradoxology or a liturgical action or expression of praise and worship that contradicts itself or seems to defy logic.


  • Worshipers are more comfortable when mystery is explainable.
  • The 60 year old senior pastor asked the personnel team, “How can we continue to have worship relevance with a 50 year old worship leader?”
  • The omnipresent God will show up depending on what we sing or how we sing it.
  • If the hymnal was good enough for Jesus and the Disciples after the Last Supper it is good enough for us.
  • Worship songs should be disregarded if they are more than a decade old or newer than 1970.
  • Worship is continuous once the first song begins.
  • Dressing up or dressing down will ensure worship occurs.
  • Let’s shorten the scripture readings and prayers to give more time for songs and sermons.
  • We know what God likes since He likes what we know.
  • Relevant worship began with the music of my generation.
  • Worship won’t happen unless we sing our songs just like the original artist did.
  • Our worship will impact the culture of our community once we learn how to imitate the worship of a church from another community.
  • The only way to cast worship vision for the future is by denigrating the past.
  • If some of your worship music is special then the rest must be ordinary.
  • The music is always louder when it is a song I don’t particularly like.

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