Modern Worship Lexicon


lexiconA new lexicon has evolved in response to the advent of modern worship.  You may want to add some of these selections to your worship vocabulary:

Worshipappens – Standard response to congregants who constantly complain about worship change.

Worshapparition – The belief that what and how we sing or play it will determine if the Holy Spirit shows up.

Worshapathy – for definition see:  Middle School boy or Senior Adult man.

Worshapologetics – Theological, Biblical, and Doctrinal defense of worship traditionalism.

Worshtip – The offering.

Worshtipulations – Stylistic pre-conditions to determine if worship will/won’t/can/can’t occur.

Worshapex – The loudest, fastest, and highest point of the song set before beginning the worshapproach.

Worshapproach – The final song descent in volume, key, and tempo before landing the worship set plane prior to the sermon.

Worshapolitical – Loving all worship styles, genres, tempos, and also the various instruments with which they are accompanied.

Worshapnea – spontaneous response from the diaconate to body piercings and tattoos in the worship band.

Worshapocalypse – Reducing hymnody.

Worshapocryphal – Increasing non-hymnody.

Worshapostate – The individual who permanently removed the hymnals from the pew racks.

Worshapostle – Worship team groupies or wannabe’s.

Worshapparel – Platform attire that could include:  French cuffs and sequined dresses; Sport coat and khaki pants; or Skinny jeans and shirttails.

Worshappalling – Any worship that is not what I prefer, deserve, like, or have earned.

Worshappeal – Entreaties at various service times to announce the Zumba class; remind about the offering; or extend an altar call.

Worshappease – Also known as Blended Worship.

Worshappendage – Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, or Drum stick.

Worshappetizer – A stand-alone opening song.

Worshappraisal – Post worship service evaluation that occurs in the halls and parking lots.


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