Ministry Conflict: Confusing Principles and Practices



Church conflict often arises when we confuse ministry principles and practices. Practices, or how we do ministry often changes. Principles, or why we do ministry doesn’t. If our why isn’t certain, then our how will always be conflicted.

Principles are the fundamental and foundational truths as to why we do what we do.

If biblical, theological, and doctrinal principles aren’t the foundational roots of all church ministries, then protecting practices often takes precedence. A principle is true regardless of the circumstances. And principles are contextual and culturally independent.

Practices, on the other hand, are the actual performance or application of the principles. We practice our principles. A practice manages the available resources within the parameters of the principles. A practice can change according to circumstances. So, practices are often contextually and culturally dependent.

When our ministry practices change, and they often do and should, they don’t minimize or negate the principles as long as the principles aren’t being marginalized. The divide occurs when we conflate those practices with principles. Dissension will usually surface when we hold on to previous practices as if they were principles. Ministry principles are fundamental, ministry practices are supplemental. Style is a practice, content is a principle. So, guarding ministry principles is biblical, but guarding ministry practices is often preferential.


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