Leading Like MacGyver


MacGyverNo matter how large or small, every church should be developing distinctly and becoming uniquely the congregation God has called them to be. Loving the Lord with heart, soul, mind and strength and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is never contingent on congregational size or abilities. It is instead, our inimitable offering of all we have at that time and all we are in that moment.

As leaders in those congregations, we could learn a lot from MacGyver, the main character in an action-adventure television series that ran for seven seasons beginning in 1985. The show followed secret agent, Angus MacGyver as he solved complex situations with everyday materials at hand. Using common items, MacGyver was able to find clever solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems.

Offering what we have is not settling for mediocrity, nor is it a license for laziness. We still need to pray that God would send more people, stronger leaders, an awesome band and greater opportunities to influence our community and the world. But like MacGyver, we can’t wait until all of the people and pieces are in place to begin. We often have to create something unbelievable with what is available.

“Maybe it’s about time I expanded the realm of possibilities around here.” – MacGyver (The Escape)


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  1. Posted by Phil W. on 02.03.14 at 8:58 pm

    I like the analogy. Good point.

  2. Posted by Georges Boujakly on 02.03.14 at 8:58 pm

    Thanks David for reminding those of us in ministry that creativity is part of God’s gift to us. Of the many instances of the work of God we know about, because the people of God wrote about it, we will be hard pressed to find two that are identical. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is more diverse than we realize. We limit ourselves and his movement when we cookie cutter our way into serving God and his people.

  3. Posted by Daryn on 02.03.14 at 8:58 pm

    Brilliant!! So often we fall into the trap as individuals, as well as churches, to try and copy what is perceived to be the ‘latest and greatest’, rather than following God’s unique path for us. No problem with being led or inspired by a Godly example (like Paul said to “follow me as I follow Christ”) but if it prevents us from seeking God for ourselves, then “Houston…we’ve got a problem”!

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