Knowledge – Wisdom = Shallow Worship


WisdomWorship Knowledge is a working understanding of worship facts and ideas. It is information attained through study, observation, investigation, education and experience. Worship Wisdom, on the other hand, is discerning which aspects of that worship knowledge are appropriate for any given situation.


  • Knowledge is encouraged. Wisdom is mandatory.
  • Knowledge helps you secure a position. Wisdom will help you keep it.
  • Knowledge understands how to do it. Wisdom discerns when to do it.
  • Knowledge comprehends the need for worship change. Wisdom determines when and how to implement it.
  • Knowledge can conduct various beat patterns. Wisdom determines if they contribute to or distract from congregational singing.
  • Knowledge speaks the worship languages of younger generations. Wisdom balances those with the worship languages of previous generations.
  • Knowledge understands technology. Wisdom determines when less of it is more.
  • Knowledge is conversant in obscure musical terms. Wisdom keeps most of them to itself.
  • Knowledge has the biblical and theological education to correct the pastor. Wisdom lets his wife do it.
  • Knowledge has enough expertise to do it alone. Wisdom values collaboration.
  • Knowledge understands and imitates the culture. Wisdom figures out how to impact it.
  • Knowledge learns the newest songs. Wisdom realizes that not all are appropriate for congregational singing.
  • Knowledge can appear to know it all. Wisdom readily admits it might not know what it doesn’t know.
  • Knowledge identifies the plan and sticks to it. Wisdom welcomes divine interruptions.

Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass.

                                                                                                  — Japanese Proverb


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