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140 Characters

A sincere desire for worship renewal often challenges individuals and congregations to ask different questions if they expect different results.  With its limitation of 140 characters, Twitter allows us to ask and answer in a concise and sometimes pithy manner.  Consider some of the tweets below that I posted over the last few months.  I would love for you to follow me on Twitter @dwmanner.



  • When your horse dies…stop riding it. Great wisdom when considering worship change.
  • I can’t wait for tight jeans to go out of style so worship leaders will be able to lead songs in lower keys.
  • Worship tradition gives freedom to select another route when the road is closed. Worship traditionalism is a perpetual cul-de-sac.
  • Believing musical inspiration stopped with the hymnal is like believing medical inspiration stopped with bloodletting.
  • Arrogant worshipers believe they know just what God likes since He likes just what they know.
  • If the presentational music in your church is special does that mean the rest is ordinary or does it mean special as in peculiar?
  • How often do you worship when you are not the leader?
  • Worship Leader…You will never teach enough new songs to make up for relational and leadership failures.
  • Music talent may help you secure a worship pastor position but developing leadership and relationship skills will help you keep it.
  • If you lead worship just because you are not trained to do anything else your leadership is convenient not a calling.
  • If God Is Hosting the Party Why Do We Keep Asking Him to Show up and Show off?
  • A Worship Tourist visits a location for pleasure. A Worship Traveler is on a journey toward a destination.
  • Worship Leader wisdom is pre-emptively initiating Worship Evaluation instead of having to respond to critics who initiate evaluation for you.
  • How congregants treat their Worship Leader and those with whom they congregate is also an act of worship.
  • It is an act of worship when one generation loves another generation more than they love their own musical preferences.
  • I know guys like to blow stuff up but maybe your worship just needs a re-evaluation instead of a revolution.
  • Successful worship verbal communicators know the flight plan and how to land the plane before leaving the runway.
  • Why are we willing to sacrifice traditional and cultural preferences to travel around the world but not across the aisle?
  • Churches that won’t take the risks to provide a venue for creatives to express their art will lose them to places that will.
  • Allowing songs about God to supersede the actual Word of God in our worship services is idolatry.
  • Are We Singing Them In Or Singing Them Out?
  • Worship leadership success is never completely realized until we can say, “Worship Has Left the Building.”
  • To reduce teenage loitering, some Seattle businesses started playing classical music loops. Some churches figured this out decades ago.
  • Congregants will never surrender to your mission and worship will never be truly participatory if everything is done for them.
  • When one side or the other continues to rain on your Worship Leadership Parade, remind yourself that it is not your parade.
  • A worship service Call to Worship can often feel like the Indy 500 announcement, “Gentlemen, start your engines.”
  • If singing worship songs you dislike is the only sacrifice required of you to further the cause of Christ…consider yourself blessed.
  • What if predictable, scripted, explainable, and rational weren’t always worship prerequisites?
  • If music is the only emphasis in worship preparation it will also be the only point of contention in worship presentation.
  • Depending on music as the only incendiary device to elicit spontaneous worship combustion often results in a flash in the pan.
  • Designing worship to replicate the Good Old Days usually succeeds in getting it half right…It is Old.
  • Are Christian Colleges and Seminaries Preparing Worship Leaders For A Church That No Longer Exists?
  • Congregational health will not occur until we break bread together on our knees. Healing begins at the Table.
  • Have you noticed that worship music volume complaints are higher when the musical style is one the complainant doesn’t like?
  • Just changing our songs will not impact culture but changing our singer’s will. It’s not just what we sing but who we are.
  • If the church longs for the way things were instead of the way things could be it will continue to flounder in the way things are.
  • Maybe if worship leaders, like physicians took the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm”…churches would be healthier.
  • We spend so much time leading church services as an act of worship that we neglect to lead the church in service as an act of worship.

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