Breaking Down Game Film – Analyzing Worship


breaking down game filmThe beginning of another football season reminds us of a practice that could also be beneficial to worship leading teams. Breaking down game film is the discipline of reviewing game videos in order to identify mistakes, make adjustments, consider radical changes and highlight successes. The ultimate goal of this type of analysis is to facilitate individual and team improvements that will positively affect subsequent games.

It is often difficult to recall after the game what did or didn’t work during the game. The fundamental reasons why a team is unable to stop or move the ball is not always evident in the middle of the action. Breaking down the film after a game gives coaches the opportunity to isolate individual players and plays in a more relaxed setting away from the time constraints and pressures of the game.

Why aren’t worship leading teams regularly incorporating similar practices? Implementing a post service process of analyzing worship service videos would definitely require a level of humility, trust and shared accountability. It would also require selfless leadership that understands sacrificing ones own interests for the greater worshiping good of the congregation. And those sacrifices would positively affect subsequent worship services.

Breaking down worship service film is always more comprehensive, meticulous, precise and ecumenical when you enlist others to participate with you in the analysis. Communal observations and the wisdom with which to respond to those observations will always be strengthened through the involvement of a collective group.

Armchair quarterbacking is already occurring in the halls and parking lots after the services. Breaking down worship service film intentionally initiates an analysis process that pre-empts those congregational critics who love to coach from the stands. The primary reason for breaking down worship service film, however, is that it will encourage your worship leading team to consider worship renewal based on prayerful evaluation, not just as a knee-jerk response to worship conflict.


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  • Bill Stahl Says:

    The ultimate victory comes when the Lord inhabits your praise. When you feel His tangible presence as you lift Him up in worship, all else becomes pale. If there are audio challenges, note and fix, communication opportunities, then work to improve them. Execution or transition slips then note and modify.

    If all worshipers, including the Sound Team, love the Lord and have a heart for worship, there will be an automatic desire to achieve excellence in everything they do. Our focus on the Lord removes the desire to pursue perfection; which can be a distraction from the enemy.

    Our God is an awesome God, He manifests through submitted, willing and capable vessels.

  • Billy Sullivan Says:

    This is so true I often think in terms of how important getting the music, timing, sound, dynamics and tone right when I was playing in clubs.
    Now that I am born again and playing for God I think we should take it even more serious, but I have found that with a lot of people that play on worship teams, it is about being able to say they play on the worship team.
    As it says in the bible when I was a child I spoke like a child, walked like a child, and acted like a child, now that I am a man or woman, I put away those childish things. High school is over, it is not about you, or me, it is about bringing glory to the creator of the universe.

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