15 Worship Lies



It starts and stops with the opening and closing song.
New is relevant.
It’s a Sunday event.
Old is stale.
Music is necessary.
It requires noise.
Renewal means change.
It has to be happy.
It was better back then.
Multigenerational isn’t possible.
It’s separate from or secondary to the preaching.
It must be rational and explainable.
It should reflect culture.
Reaching people is its goal.
What’s in it for me is a valid question.

5 Responses to “15 Worship Lies”

  • Lee Gunter Says:

    I like this list. But I can’t say I agree with all of them equally. In much the same manner that Fred offers #17 as a counterbalance to 1, a few of these could be taken too far and create a whole new problem.

    It is a Sunday event. But, praise God, is is ever so much more.

    It will reflect culture. It can’t be avoided. Even if the culture it reflects is something other than the culture around us. Culture is generalized truth about a group of people. Don’t fear the word.

    Rational and explainable? Eh, I could grind on that a bit, but I agree with the principle so I’ll cut you some slack this time. 🙂

    Old is stale. Old IS stale. But it’s as likely to be Oceans getting old because the words have lost their meaning as an old hymn. As the leader, we can breathe fresh life into a song when the Spirit has breathed fresh life into us. Inversely, we have the power to make a song seem tired and over used inside a month if we’re lazy and self reliant.

    What is in it for me is a perfectly valid question. It’s a fantastic question. If you understand the answer. God is what’s in it for me. Jesus is in it for me. Heaven is in it for me. I will greedily pursue these things with a wild abandon. I challenge you to try it, too. More so, I challenge me to do it better.

    Thanks for the post. I love discussions like this. Digging in to what worship is and isn’t is always worth the time.

  • Fred Heumann Says:

    Lie # 17: New is useless and shallow.

  • Erik Perales Says:

    great post. I love the focus on defusing lies, it really cause you to think about worship as a journey instead of an answer to all.

  • David Manner Says:

    Definitely, Harlan.

  • Harlan Moore Says:

    Lie #16: As a worship leader, I know what’s best.

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