15 Things Worship Music Can’t Do



15 Things Worship Music Can’t Do

  • It can’t cause or cure church conflict.
  • It can’t grow or kill your church.
  • It can’t begin or end worship.
  • It can’t take the place of Scripture.
  • It can’t serve as our only act of discipleship.
  • It can’t be contained in one genre or style.
  • It can’t prop up bad theology.
  • It can’t take the place of prayer as our primary conversation with God. 
  • It can’t be contained in one emotion.
  • It can’t convict or inspire without the Holy Spirit.
  • It can’t manufacture worship renewal.
  • It can’t cause multigenerational, multicultural or multisensory worship.
  • It can’t create community that is only available at the Communion Table.
  • It can’t cause Jesus to show up.
  • It can’t be our only act of worship.

4 Responses to “15 Things Worship Music Can’t Do”

  • eric Says:

    Singing is a natural form of speaking. We may have trained it out of some western languages, but the richest language is lyrical and musical. It is difficult to pour out my heart to God without some of it being in song …. lament, pain and crying come out with a natural modulation and praise and joy often become utterances that are musical or poetic in nature. Yes, there are many things worship music cannot do, but there are many things I cannot naturally do without musical worship.

  • Bob Tolliver, Life Unlimited Ministries Says:

    Clear, simple, and concise. Real worship . . . worship that is biblical . . . is not an event or a location, though worship can happen in both. It is a state of heart that can be expressed in virtually any venue and in any expression.

    Sadly, as in many important spiritual disciplines, we too often want our particular preferences to happen through the cancer of control. That’s what causes us to pick and choose . . . and, sadly, choose sides.

    As a former worship leader, I still cringe over the memories of some of the tactics I used to try to manipulate both the people and the Holy Spirit in order to gain God’s approval . . . and that of the people as well.

    Praise God that He looks on the heart and discerns true worship from soulishness; accepting the former and forgiving the latter.

  • Mike McGuire Says:

    Yes music can be left out. Music is not essential to worship. it is but a tool. When God told Ezekiel to go to the dry bones, he did not say “Sing to them” He told Ezekiel to speak to them. The angels did not sing at Jesus’ birth either. There is no mention of a “heavenly choir” They said Glory to God in the highest. They did not sing it.

    Many times of worship can take place without music. It’s just a shame that we have equated worship with music style for so long.

  • Col Johnston Says:

    But importantly, it can’t be left out

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