10 Timeless Stephen Charnock Worship Quotes


stephen charnockStephen Charnock (1628–1680) was an English Puritan Presbyterian clergyman. He moved to Ireland in 1656 and became a chaplain to Governor Henry Cromwell. Nearly all of the numerous writings attributed to him were transcribed after his death. The Existence and Attributes of God is the most widely known of Charnock’s writings. The following timeless quotes are taken from Discourse IV of that work.


“We may be truly said to worship God though we lack perfection; but we cannot be said to worship Him if we lack sincerity.”

“To pretend to homage to God and intend only the advantage of self, is rather to mock Him than worship Him.”

“A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant.”

“As a man may have a contentment in sin, so he may have a contentment in worship; not because it is a worship of God, but the worship of his own invention, agreeable to his own humor and design.”

“Novelty engenders complacency; but it must be a worship wherein God will delight; and that must be a worship according to his own rule and infinite wisdom, and not our shallow fancies.”

“And therefore infinite goodness and holiness cannot but hate worship presented to him with deceitful, carnal, and flitting affections; they must be more nauseous to God, than a putrefied carcass can be to man.”

“When we have a fear of God, it will make our worship serious; when we have a joy in God, it will make our worship durable. Our affections will be raised when we represent God in the most reverential, endearing, and obliging circumstances.”

“We may as well say a man may believe with his body, as worship God only with his body.”

“Without the heart it is no worship; it is a stage play; an acting a part without being that person really which is acted by us: a hypocrite, in the notion of the world, is a stage-player.”

“When we find our hearts in a more than ordinary spiritual frame, let us look upon it as a call from God to attend him; such impressions and notions are God’s voice, inviting us into communion with him in some particular act of worship, and promising us some success in it.”


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    These are good quotes to remember. Incidentally, this entire work is available for kindle download on Amazon for the bargain price of $.99!!!

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