10 Signs We’ve Created Worship in Our Own Image


10 Signs We’ve Created Worship in Our Own Image

image1.   God hates the same styles of worship we hate.

2.   Inspiration begins and ends with one music genre.

3.  What we deserve and have earned are worship planning yardsticks.

4.   We can plan, control and explain everything that happens in worship.

5.   Our worship always requires someone else’s sacrifice.

6.   What we sing or how we sing it determines God’s presence.

7.   Worship is planned to perpetuate past feelings or promote future ones.

8.   Musicology instead of theology is our starting point.

9.   Preparation and presentation centers on the creative instead of the creator.

10. Worship starts and stops with our opening and closing songs.

“Arrogance is when the image of the Lord has been replaced by a mirror.” Jorge Luis Borges

One Response to “10 Signs We’ve Created Worship in Our Own Image”

  • Kurt Kelley Says:

    How about when the songs are focused on US, ME, WE, I, such as, what WE are doing for God, instead of what HE does. Even less, are songs today just about who HE is. How Great Thou Art, has become How Great WE are because of God. One popular song has a tag line that goes, “Its Who I am, its who I am, its who I am….” OK, who does it sound like we are worshiping, when we repeat the phrase, ‘Its WHO I AM’?

    How about the super worship hit from around 10 years ago. I AM A FRIEND OF GOD. Im like, “oh really? Where in the bible does it declare ANYONE to be God’s personal friend, outside of Abraham and Moses? Jesus was speaking specifically to His 12 Disciples when He said “today I call you friends, but with the condition, IF YOU OBEY MY COMMANDS.” So, unless a modern day Christian can claim to be one of the 12 Disciples, and to be obeying His commands, to GO into all the World…then you have no business declaring yourself a ‘friend of God’.

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