Brad came to the University as a freshman. I saw Brad’s name on the list from freshman orientation that he was interested in the Baptist Student Ministries organization on campus. All I had was his address in the dorms so I sent him a letter telling him about our meeting times and our ministry on campus. I never heard or saw Brad at all the fall semester but I continued to send him letters inviting him to join us and the different activities we were having. During a joint activity with other campus ministries on campus I was meeting different students and I introduced myself to a young man and his face got really red. He said that his name was Brad and that he has received a few letters from me.

As we began to talk Brad said that he would be interested in a Bible Study and none of our regular times worked for him. I told him that if he would make time, I would meet with him and do a Bible Study with him. He agreed and he showed up for the first Bible Study. I began with a series on Prayer and I had some party invitations left over from another event and so I changed it a little to be an invitation from God to join him in prayer. The next week Brad brought his roommate by the end of the semester we had about six guys meeting for Bible Study. That summer Brad did an internship in a larger city and began attending a college group at a large Baptist church in the city where he was doing his internship.

The next semester Brad said that he wanted something deeper and I told him about the “Experiencing God” study that I would be having. Brad joined the group and God really began to reveal himself to Brad. Toward the end of the semester Brad and I had also been going to lunch once a week and just spending time together. Brad shared with me at lunch that day that he had been praying and he sensed God wanted him to become involved in vocational ministry. He asked me if he should transfer to a Christian school to prepare for ministry. I shared with him that he could be involved in ministry on our campus and go to a seminary afterwards in preparation for a vocational ministry. Brad continued to pray about what God wanted him to do and he decided to stay and do ministry on our campus and go to seminary afterwards.

Right now there are five other students that are planning to attend seminary after graduation and give their lives to vocational ministry.