George began his freshman year like most other university freshman. He came to explore life outside the roof of his parent’s home. George came from a Christian home in name only. His parents were good people and respected members of their small community. They owned the independent grocery store in town and George was the youngest of 4 children. They attended church somewhat regularly. George began attending the Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s weekly meeting and came to our large group meeting occasionally. Over Spring break Michael went with the FCA group to Mexico on a missions trip and while there, he realized that he had never really trusted Christ as savior. George prayed and received Christ into his life in Mexico and when he returned for the rest of the semester attended our meetings more regularly.

The fall of George’s sophomore year, he was out drinking one night and had a one vehicle accident and was arrested. He was embarrassed about what had happened and vowed not to do it again. I approached George about meeting with me for accountability on a weekly basis and we would spend some time together. The first few times we met it was difficult for both of us because both of us struggled for things to say to each other. Soon after a trust was formed and we had no trouble at all and we became very close in our relationship. George began to grow in his faith and became a serious disciple of his Lord and Savior Jesus.

In the Fall of George’s junior year, he joined our leadership team and was a respected leader in our ministry. He began to disciple others.

During George’s senior year, tragedy struck George’s family. His sister, niece, and a nephew were all killed in separate automobile accidents. George’s faith has remained strong and he is still a respected spiritual leader among his peers. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to have George under my care.